Mar 25, 2008


Today I am going to review This is another one of your internet TV sites, but don't be driven away because of this detail. This website isn't like YouTube or Veoh, it includes actual TV shows and movies, and a pretty decent selection. And while watching, it has features such as lowering the lights, ( the website is completely dimmed except for the video, to prevent distractions), and opening a re-sizable pop-out window to view your show/movie. Hulu also has better than decent quality videos, especially when compared to YouTube, Google Video, and many other popular visual media websites.
While Hulu has quite a large variety of selection, but many of these TV shows or movies do not have full-length episodes, or movies. They have a few, but not much. This is a big downside, because this website has a lot of potential, it is nearly perfect. The way they showcase the episodes/movies, and their categorizing are near flawless. If there were some full-length variety, then I would give this a 5, but not today.

While this may be subject to change very soon, currently I give 3 mustaches out of 5 mustaches, just because of the lack of variety.


Tonight I am going to review This is a very interesting website, it is a review website, and it only reviews movies, but has a very unique feature that separates it from all other movie review websites. Listening to the plain audio in each review is basically like listening to a podcast, but the exclusive innovation is, they create animation episodes for each review. It's like watching a cartoon, excluding the immature humor and bad voice acting.

There are 5 people (which are represented as cartoon characters) that review movies on this website, and each review includes 2 or 3 of them. They discuss the movie they are reviewing, then near the end of the review they give the movie a rating. Even though there is a humorous overtone in each review, which is usually quite perceivable in animation, each review goes into specific detail, and the reviewers aren't like professional movie critics, they are very down to earth, and can relate to their viewers.

Even though that I perceive the animation as a little sloppy, that is just a one relative opinion of mine, and shouldn't cause too much cogitation. I get all of my movie
reviews from this website, and I highly recommend it. Overall, I give this website 5 candy corns out of 5.

Mar 24, 2008

First review:

Hey everyone, my first review will be about Its tagline is 'Social doodling', and that is basically what it is. Okay, here's the deal. You first sign up on and create your profile. Then you have a variety of virtual drawing options.

You can create art on the World Canvas, which is basically this gigantic virtual canvas where everyone can draw on, using a sort of MS Paint format, or you can create personal drawings which people can view on your profile. This website includes many
features, such as rating and commenting on drawings, viewing recent drawings, and viewing featured art.

This is a neat website where you will find yourself going to when you're bored on a Friday night. And you can create quite a reputation if your art is good enough. Out of 5 butt cheeks, I give this website a 4.